Hecke algebras, symmetric groups, and their friends

August 19-21, 2020

Institute for Algebra, Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics

General information The workshop will take place from Wednesday, August 19 (morning) until Friday, August 21 (afternoon).

Invited speakers Anton Cox
Maria Chlouveraki*
Susanne Danz
Matt Fayers
Harry Geranios
Eugenio Giannelli
Nicolas Jacon
Alexander Kleshchev
Sinead Lyle
Gunter Malle
Andrew Mathas
Lucia Morotti
Benjamin Sambale
Michela Varagnolo*

(* to be confirmed)

Programme will be posted later.

How to get there? All lectures will take place in the main building of Leibniz Universität Hannover, the Welfenschloss. The street address is Welfengarten 1; there is a tram stop "Leibniz Universität" in front of the building. More details may be found here.

Contact If you would like to attend, please contact C.D.Bowman@kent.ac.uk

Organisation: Christine Bessenrodt and Chris Bowman Last update: August 24, 2019