Year Title
Choice Principles
2006 Prime and maximal ideals of partially ordered sets
2009 Finiteness Conditions and Distributive Laws for Boolean Algebras
2007 Complete Congruences on Topologies and Down-set Lattices
2009 Lattice topologies with interval bases
2013 Tychonoff-like theorems for local topological properties
2000 Closure frames and web spaces
2008 Beyond topology: closure
2009 Characteristic triangles of closure operators with applications in general algebra
Continuous Posets and Domains
1979 Scott convergence and Scott topology in partially ordered sets II
2007 Choice-free dualities for domains
2007 Choiceless, pointless, but not useless: dualities for preframes
2007 Sober spaces, well-filtration and compactness principles
2005 Intervals in lattices of k-meet-closed subsets
2006 Prime decomposition and pseudocomplementation
Categories and Dualities
2004 General Stone duality
2005 Minimal bases and basic dualities
2005 Categories of contexts
2009 Sums, products and negations of contexts and complete lattices
2018 Extensions of posets


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